cadnano version 2.2.0

The 2.2.0 release of cadnano introduces a new plugin framework to facilitate sharing of user-created extensions of the software. We've included one example plugin to serve as a reference for developing additional plugins, and plan to document everything in a future release. Overall stability of the application is also improved.

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AutoBreak Plugin

  • As a first example plugin, we have written an automatic staple-breaking plugin that introduces breakpoints into the staple strands according to user-specified parameters.
  • The plugin requires networkx to run. Note to developers: networkx is included in our binaries, but is not included in the git source. You'll need to navigate to the cadnano2/include folder and run "python" to download the source.

Before AutoBreak:

After AutoBreak:

Developing custom plugins

  • Please write to us with questions, as this feature is still in the early stages of development and we are happy to help anyone who wants to develop a plugin. We can even help you create a dialog if you're not familiar with Qt.
  • The best way to start writing a custom plugin is to clone the cadnano2 git repository and get that running on your machine. Next, create a new sub-folder in the plugins directory that follows the same format as the AutoBreak plugin
  • The plugin adds itself to the menu in, and connects its QAction signal to the desired slot. The slot (i.e. the actual plugin code that manipulates the model) can live in a separate file, (see
  • Qt Designer can be used to create a custom dialog that accepts input parameters for the plugin. PyQt's pyuic4 can then be used to compile the ui file into python (see our Makefile).

Bug fixes & Updates

  • Fixed merging of strands that contained loops.
  • Fixed some subtle bugs with AutoStaple that would crop up later when editing strands downstream.
  • Patched Windows installer so it can now find Maya and cadnano files not on the C:\.
  • Fixed bug in which cadnano was using the wrong environment variable to find the home folder in Windows.
  • Visibility / z-stacking issues with pencil tool.
  • Applied sequences don't get cleared when breaking or merging strands.
  • Mousing over a strand now displays its length in the status bar.
  • Fixed display of insertion sequences in the path view.