What's new?

Cadnano 2 is a complete rewrite of the software. Our main objectives for the release were to establish the new architecture, simplify the overall worklow and provide a more functional 3D view that will allow a 3D-centered design in future releases.

Convenience 2D Enhancements

  • Undo/redo.
  • Unified interface for square-lattice and honeycomb-lattice parts. The new workflow is to open a document and then click the "Honeycomb" or "Square" button on the top toolbar to create a new part for editing.
  • Stored user preferences.
  • Scroll to zoom (e.g. via mousewheel). Command+mouse-drag to pan.
  • Pencil tool: Left-click to create or destroy staple or scaffold. Right-click to create a forced crossover.
  • DNA sequences are displayed live in the interface.
  • Export button: creates a staple csv file, replacing the old sequence tool copy-to-clipboard dialog.
  • Frame button: zoom-to-fit of path view.
  • Loop is renamed to Insert. Its size can be edited in place via its numeric label.
  • Multiple helices can be reordered by selecting the helix labels (leftmost orange circle) and dragging the group.
  • Delete-Last button removed. To delete a helix, selecting its label and press delete.

3D View

  • Interface embedded as a plug-in for Autodesk Maya.
  • Display both scaffold and staple strands.
  • Display modification positions. Click will select the position in 2D path view.

New Architecture

  • Complete re-write in Python/PyQt. Note: Installer includes Qt and PyQt libraries.
  • Significantly improved performance.
  • Model-view-controller architecture.
  • Documentation to extend Cadnano's functionality through plug-ins.
  • Source on github.